Staging Resources

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What is Staging?

  • Present the home in the best way
  • Put on buyer's eye
  • Generate a great feel when people walk through
  • Make décor simple
  • Clean, declutter, and depersonalize all spaces

Each home is unique and will need different actions to stage it – some need to pack things away and some need to add accessories or furniture.  I will help you know what to do specifically for your house so it looks its best for buyers.

should you stage in a seller's market?

  • Buyers will fall in love and will pay more for houses that are staged
  • Inspections and appraisals usually go smoother
  • It shows the house is in great condition and well taken care of
  • Photos of a staged house will get a lot more views and showings
  • Staging makes rooms/houses feel and look bigger and cleaner
  • Buyers pay 5% to 20% more for houses that are staged and sell 87% faster

We should always put our best foot forward because people will pay more for things that look great!

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