Why should i use a realtor to buy?

A Realtor leads and guides you through the purchasing process, understands and has access to all the contracts/addendums required for each transaction, professional negotiating skills, has knowledge of the area and market, ability to show you houses, and much more …

  • It won’t cost you anything.  Usually the sellers pay both listing and buying agents.
  • The Realtor will have a pulse on the market. They have connections and knowledge with various areas, resale market, and new home contracts.
  • The Realtor has the ability to access and coordinate showings.  It can be very difficult to see houses without having a trusted Realtor and their lockbox access.
  • The Realtor will research the comps in the area and neighborhood to help you better understand the market.
  • The Realtor will help you critically think through the features of the house to make sure it is a good purchase for you and your family.
  • Through their experience, knowledge and research, the Realtor will advise you on what to offer.
  • With multiple connections in the area, the Realtor can help you find a trusted lender, inspector, moving company, etc.
  • The Realtor serves as your professional negotiator and will fight for YOU.
  • The Realtor will help guard and navigate you through the emotional process of purchasing.
  • The Realtor has extensive experience looking at houses which will help you in purchasing one of the largest purchases in your life.
  • The Realtor knows and understands all the different real estate contracts/documents/addendums required for each transaction, which will help in making sure you are legally protected.

Buyer's Guide

The Buying Guide is a tool designed to give information about the buying process and what to expect. Shannon will customize every experience to what each buyer needs/wants and their timeline.

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Moving Guide

The Moving Guide is a tool designed to give you a week by week list of things to do and reminders of what to plan for your move.

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mistakes you should never make!

  • Pre-qual letter is more than the amount you are offering
  • Focusing too much on price
  • Insulting the home
  • Ignoring days on the market
  • Not flattering the seller
  • Low-balling your offer
  • Forgetting the big picture

As your Realtor, I won’t make these mistakes and will help you navigate the process and see the big picture.

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how will i help YOU purchase in the austin area?

  • Empower and Educate YOU so you can make the best decision for yourself
  • I know the area, I was born and raised in the Austin area
  • Trusted Realtor and can connect you to a trusted lender
  • I find out your lifestyle and what area fits best
  • I find out schooling preferences for your family
  • I help you critically think through the features, location, price and condition of each home
  • Think outside the box
  • I'm a certified real estate negotiator, here to fight for YOU

Purchasing a house is one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime and I want to make sure we work together to find the best one for you and your family.  I will customize YOUR home search experience and support you along the way.